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It's the end of the world as we know it...

Man, it's rather amazing to see all the famous names that are vanishing, recently. Sure. I understand that this was a whole generation that got into Hollywood when it was young and that they are all reaching that general life expectancy point. But, still...I can't help but see how one might also take note that it's kind of like a twisted rapture, with all the ability for wide spread information gathering.

See you all in 2013...or not.


I own somewhere in the neighborhood of 7,000 hardback books.  I have never had to update, backup, reformat or recharge a single one.  And unlike what Amazon Dot Kom did with Moby Dick, not one has ever been deleted by a third party from my private library.

There is another, much more important matter here.  Technology creep.   How many of you have a computer system that can read your data from, oh fifteen years ago?  Twenty, thirty? How many of you have books printed over a hundred years ago.  I've a few approaching 150 years of age and though delicate, are perfectly readable.   Let us not forget those books, scrolls and maps hundreds or more years old. 

It is 2011, in 2111 will anyone be able to access your Kendell files?  NASA cannot even read their APOLLO tapes.
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